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Corporate Trustee

Ludlow Trust Company is a Trust Corporation which allows us, as a corporate body, to be appointed to act as your professional trustee. This means that when Ludlow is appointed, even though our Directors and Officers may change over time, your trust will continue to be serviced by our professionally qualified and experienced team in a seamless manner. Our team has the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to be able to support all of your trustee needs.

Trust Services

A trust can be used to deliver different objectives including personal, estate, financial, tax or business planning. As your professional trustee we will provide all the required services to ensure that your trust is fully compliant with the ever-increasing regulatory burden. These will include:

  • Following the settlor’s instructions in the deed with regards to distribution of trust assets to beneficiaries as and when appropriate
  • Complying with regulations and appropriate filings
  • Trust tax compliance such as annual tax returns and 10-yearly IHT submissions
  • Investing cash assets in appropriate long-term investments and securing trust assets such as property


Types of trust

We will offer and support the most common trust types including:

Discretionary trust

The trustees hold the trust assets to pay the beneficiaries detailed in the trust deed either capital and/or income generated from trust assets. The settlor usually provides the trustees with non-binding guidance in the form of a ‘letter of wishes’.

Bare trust

Where a beneficiary is unable to give a ‘valid receipt’ then the trustee holds the assets on their behalf. This is frequently appropriate where the beneficiary is a minor and not attained the age of 18.

Life Interest trust

The trustees hold the trusts’ assets such that the income generated from them is paid to named beneficiaries during their lifetime. Following their death, the assets are then distributed to the beneficiaries.

Personal Injury trust

Established with compensation paid to an individual following a serious accidental injury. The trustees are responsible for managing this compensation for the benefit of this individual.

Charitable trust

These are trusts established to fulfil charitable purposes where the trustees have discretion to pay income or capital to, for example, a named charity or to be used by charities for appropriate charitable purposes. For charitable trusts we ensure that timely updates are sent to the Charities Commission including annual report and accounts where required.

We can provide a support to the charity to allow potential requests for funds to be sent to us; reviewed and scored against agreed criteria before discussion with other trustees to ensure that distributions are appropriate and match the purpose of the charity.

Life Insurance policy trust

A life insurance policy is ‘written in the trust’ such that on the death of the assured the trust receives the policy proceeds and distributes them in-line with the deed.

Where the trust has a property, we can arrange for support services to ensure that regulatory certificates are in place e.g. for gas/electricity supplies and apparatus. We can also arrange for the property to be inspected for appropriate use; for third party support to provide garden services and where necessary maintenance and repair work.

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