The Ludlow Funding Enquiry Gateway

Today we are delighted to be launching the Ludlow Funding Enquiry Gateway, an online platform seeking to match charities looking for funding with the objectives of the 250+ charitable trusts managed by Ludlow Trust Company.

This is a unique and exciting addition to the philanthropy services that we offer to trustees and transforms the application experience for charities seeking funding and support.

The platform will simplify the application process for charities seeking funding and provide a greater range of applications for trustees to consider in their target areas. Registered charities can use the platform to submit an application to a specific charitable trust or a general application that can be matched to any of the charitable trusts that are managed by Ludlow. Applicants submit information about their charity and the work that they would like to receive funding for. Once submitted the platform is utilised to match applications to relevant charitable trusts. Trustees will then consider these applications for funding in the usual course of their decision making process.

Benefits of the platform

  • Streamlines and creates efficiencies in the application process for charities seeking funding.
  • Removes an element of luck in choosing which specific trust to apply to, instead being able to effectively present to any of 250+ charitable trusts looking to make an impact in the charity’s area of focus.
  • Allows charities to still apply to a specific trust where they believe there is a strong synergy.
  • For trusts focusing on particular funding that matters most to them, increases the breadth of applications available for consideration and links charities with trusts that may never have interacted otherwise.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the application process, with significantly reduced paper and postage wastage, at the same time cutting these costs for the charities making an application.

We are excited to bring this unique platform to the trust company and philanthropy market. Ludlow Trust Company is committed to providing excellent client service and facilitating effective philanthropy for our clients. The Ludlow Funding Enquiry Gateway will provide an excellent tool to connect over 250  grant making trusts with charitable funding opportunities. The net result of this will be a better flow of much needed resources into the charity sector.

The Ludlow Funding Enquiry Gateway can be accessed through the Ludlow Trust Company Website and, in due course, via the Charity Commission website (through the entry of an individual charitable trust).  Users can interact with the platform on their PC’s, tablets and smart phones.

Please find a link below to The Ludlow Funding Enquiry Gateway:

Ludlow’s Funding Enquiry Gateway | Ludlow Trust Company

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