How has the cost-of-living crisis impacted the charity sector?

Over the last several months we have all seen the cost-of-living crisis played out on our TV screens, social media outlets, newspapers and however we receive our daily news.

The crisis is global and is having a significant impact on our daily lives. Inflation at rates not seen since the 1980’s, the Russian invasion of Ukraine leading to shortages in oil, gas, energy, and food, increasing prices at alarming rates. These factors and others compound the challenge we all face to make our money stretch further.

Let’s now give some thought to the thousands of charities providing services and activities to those who are most vulnerable in our society in this context. High inflation, rising prices and reduced donations mean that many are having to close their doors, struggle to keep the lights & heating on or restrict the services that they provide when they are most needed. 

Many of our clients are focusing their charitable giving in this area and provide much needed funds to charities who are helping to keep people afloat in these challenging times. For those clients who have a broader focus, many of the charities that they support will also be experiencing increased costs due to this crisis. 

All charitable giving at this time will play a crucial role in supporting a sector under much strain yet continues to advocate and provide for those most in need.

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