Cost of Living grants awarded

At Ludlow Trust Company, we work with many clients on their charitable giving and philanthropic strategy, acting as a trustee with them on their charitable trust. However, we also act as sole trustee on a number of charities established many years ago where the original donor has sadly passed away.

We take our role as trustee very seriously and through donations from six of these charitable trusts, we have been able to make ten grants totalling around £375,000 to charities contributing towards tackling the impact of the cost of living crisis. These trusts have charitable aims that cover a range of charitable purposes including: the prevention or relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the advancement of health or the saving of lives, the relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability and financial hardship or other disadvantages. The awards made focused on the key areas of food poverty, fuel poverty and housing need.

The charities funded can support individuals and communities in impactful ways. It is important to remember that the Covid-19 pandemic preceded the cost of living crisis and both these events together have deepened the hardships that are faced by those who are most vulnerable in our communities and in some cases those who are experiencing hardship for the first time. At our Charity Grants Forum we funded Fareshare NE, and The Trussell Trust who provide a range of services and support to address food poverty such as the redistribution of surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, the provision of emergency food parcels to those experiencing poverty and those battling rising food prices. Also, The Rumney Forum is a lifeline in one of the UK’s worst food deserts, where poverty, poor public transport and a scarcity of larger supermarkets leads to limited access to fresh and affordable food.

The acute rise in energy prices have compounded the challenges we all face to keep our homes warm during colder seasons. The phrase fuel poverty has become a common reference we hear in our daily lives. National Energy Action, The Fuel Bank Foundation and The Sureserve Foundation are charities funded through the generosity of settlors that provide much needed advice and practical support, such as access to fuel vouchers that enable some respite from the real consequence of homes with no heating or cooking facilities.

Lack of access to affordable housing of suitable quality for large swathes of our communities is not a new battle cry. As anticipated both the pandemic and the cost of living crisis have intensified this emergency particularly for those who are the most vulnerable. By funding Helping Bristol’s Homeless Charity and Glass Door Homeless Charity our trusts have been able to support the provision of shelter and wraparound services to those most in need of a roof over their head. Also, The Skinners Benevolent Trust which gives small grants to buy essential household items for those in dire need.

We are confident that these settlors would be proud of the above grants and their ability to continue to make a relevant contribution to social issues in today’s society, many years after they established their charitable trust.

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