A message from our Chairman

I have been in the trust business for 40 years and serving customers in this way has always held a special place in my heart.

I am extremely proud of the strength of business we are building as we welcome the team of over 40 experienced trust professionals. I firmly believe that our people, combined with our values, make Ludlow different from our competitors in the market.

As an independent business, Ludlow is in a unique position to nurture a specialist and personal relationship with our people and our clients. This has always been of paramount importance to me – and always will be going forwards.

It is fair to say that this year has brought challenges that we could never have anticipated. We have all had to quickly adjust to a new way of life and there has been much uncertainty. But this time has also brought us together and whatever the future holds, Ludlow Trust will thrive and continue to be a reliable, safe pair of hands.

The Board and I are excited to launch Ludlow Trust and we are looking forward to a successful and rewarding future together.

Ali Sarikhani
25th November 2020